Project Description

The new Kunskapsskolan (KED) school is located on the blocks G46 to G49 of the Mayasem Development and comprises of Primary School, separate Boys and Girls School and Arena building.

The School incorporates the Swedish Kunskapsskolan (KED) pedagogical program. The educational idea behind KED is that all students are different and that they learn at different places and in different ways. The design aims to facilitate the School’s innovative learning program as a spatial environment that supports the principles of the KED program and allows for a unique education experience.

The design of the building aims to create a fresh narrative in the design of learning facilities. The complexity of the site and the program, guided the building forms that responds to the culture and climate. The façade celebrates the craft and innovation. The built form is embellished with the use of stone cladding, screens, and varying forms of fenestrations. The screens and the window arrangements take inspiration from traditional Islamic architecture, yet convey an architectural language which is both modern and progressive in its visual perception. Small learning community focussing on the student centric education forms the core of the schools. Attention is given to ensure the room arrangements create a synergy with the school’s program and function.

Project Location


Student Strength


Site Area

10.27 acres

Total Constructed Area

470543 sq.ft.



Completion Date