Kalpathru International School, Thanjavur

Project Description

The Kalpathuru International School, located in the Thanjavur district is a 1 acre campus that houses an Old bungalow that was handed over to EDA to convert into a 21st century school. The challenge for EDA was to stay sensitive to the limitations of the old structure while changing the look and feel to create a school and space program in line with EDA’s philosophies. The site and layout is planned with utmost detail to ensure that learning and developmental aids are made accessible to all its students and adults. The vistas provided within the site, transport the kids away from the hustle and bustle of the city around into a world of discovery and exploration. The space layout and zoning stitches the entire functionality and aesthetic appeal together. The layout is zoned into “learning communities” that comprise of “learning studios”. The communities are capable of functioning as independent entities and can be brought together to function as one system. The careful selection of furniture, finishes and color, flow in tune with the understanding and developmental psychology of the children being catered to. The details and careful execution makes the Kalpathuru school a home away from home for kids and teachers alike.

Project Location

Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Student Strength


Site Area

0.5 acre / 16,600 sq ft

Total Constructed Area

7500 sq ft



Completion Date

June 2015