Jetking Hardware & Training Institute, Pan-India

Project Description

Jetking Infotrain Ltd a reputable Hardware and Networking Institute that trains non-technical students to be the IT professionals of tomorrow through some of the most in-demand hardware and networking courses. The vision of Jetking is to train and mould the best IT professionals. It has a strong focus on quality training and has pioneered a unique way to groom students with its Smart lab Plus training methodology. EDA’S 21st century model for Jetking Incorporate flexible learning spaces and furniture arrangement to maximize student retention and participation. Training tools will be outcome based with more hands-on, active and research based learning. Spaces will support student centered learning along with collaborative, performance and project based, and interdisciplinary learning. Technology will be such that learning will not happen in the classroom alone, but outside as well.

Project Location


Student Strength

Site Area

Total Constructed Area

3,000 sq.ft.


Completion Date