Heritage Primary School

Project Description

Heritage Primary School is located in heart of Gurgaon and is surrounded by high residential and commercial buildings. In such a setting the building provides a relief from built environment by creating a campus in which outdoors are an integral part of the design.

The campus creates a facility that is based on a typology of pavilion and garden architecture and it is intended to serve as learning spaces whilst forming its own frame of reference against the landscape. The perimeter of the flat site is surrounded by mature trees which provide a shaded extension to the learning studio.

The project involved the renovation of existing buildings and the addition of an equal amount of area to house the students and provide them with appropriate and adequate learning spaces. The new facade accentuates the primary importance of the indoor-outdoor connection whilst providing a well-lit and airy space. The buildings are oriented for views out to the lush green settings and have wide shaded walkways. These circulation routes are open to the landscape and ventilated by cooling winds which creates an attractive social environment, bringing a sense of cohesion to the whole campus.

Project Location


Student Strength


Site Area

2.4 acres

Total Constructed Area

61,710 sq.ft.


Completion Date