Duke School, Durham, North Carolina

Project Description

The Duke School project represents a rare opportunity to create an educational environment that truly reflects a 21st century personalized learning program. The project has the potential to marry an innovative academic Pre-K-8 program with an inventive educational environment, what we describe as a ‘10/10’ – a ‘10’ in terms of educational philosophy, and a ‘10’ in terms of school design. The strong school culture and continuous involvement of students, teachers and parents is unlike almost any project we’ve been involved with. Schools at their very best are learning communities, and it is our personal vision to offer a planning and design process that nurtures the highest values of that community. It has been, and continues to be, a joy and a privilege to assist Duke School in fulfilling their noble dream of providing the highest quality, and challenging learning environment for their children.

Project Location

Durham, North Carolina

Student Strength

Site Area

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Completion Date