Curious School, Bangalore

Project Description

Curious school is an educational environment that captivates and stimulates meaningful cross interactions amongst the children and the adult. Installed within the school is an openness with a spark of curiosity that allows people of all ages to venture and explore the space in a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Cube peek a boo windows on the fa├žade of the building, the triangular patterned perforated roof at the entry make playful to the eyes, conveying a unique aesthetic value and promoting natural ventilation. Classrooms and utility rooms are organized around a playful core. Each floor is arranged in an alternating pattern to enhance vertical interaction, encourage children to be more receptive to their surroundings, and stimulate their inner creativity. In addition to using natural materials, the colors yellow, orange and red were selected to create a stimulating atmosphere.

The outdoor discovery space adds activates like vegetable gardens, sandpit, musical wall, sensory pathway, outdoor story telling area around the tree, etc.

Project Location

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Student Strength


Site Area

4615 sq.ft

Total Constructed Area

9275 sq.ft (G+1+TERRACE)


Pre nursery, kg 1&2 (With daycare)

Completion Date

May 2018