“You are a key to Pathways. It was you who gave Pathways its identity. Your contribution and help can never fade. You are, and shall always be, a very active member of the ‘think-tank’ of the school. We fully acknowledge and greatly appreciate your association and contributions at all stages. Believe me, you have built a long list here of your followers and admirers. “

Prabhat Jain

Co-Sponsor and Developer , Pathways World School New Delhi, India

“The response to the (Freemantle) conference has been very positive from all delegates and many singled out your Thursday session as one of the highlights. Once again you have left a lasting impression on our educators, parents and architects, so you know you are welcome at any time. Everyone enjoys listening to you and journeying into the future you describe so well.”

Jeff Phillips

Western Australia, Department of Education

“Based upon several recent and long term connections with Prakash Nair, I think his ideas, his ability to express them, and his positive influence on the international Education & Educational Facilities communities are “leading-edge”. They are sure to meet the future needs of our students and teachers.”

Ed Kirkbride

CEFPI 2002 Planner of the Year, Principal, Kirkbride Associates, PA

“Just a personal note to thank you for everything this week – you have certainly been the inspiration and the catalyst needed to start our redevelopment process. Monday was a terrific start – we just wish you had been able to spend longer with us. Everyone found your keynote address at Tuesday’s conference fantastic. “

Judy Bennett

Principal, Ogilvie High School Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

“Your vision is alive and serving children. I don’t know how you can sit in Minnesota and not stop what you are doing and fly right down…Please pinch yourself for me, you aren’t dreaming, your client is ecstatic!”

Todd Miller

President, Yeshiva Elementary Milwaukee, WI

“As a public school facility planner, I need to tell you that I find designshare to be the single most valuable resource available to me in any medium. The depth, breadth, and quality of the articles and links never ceases to amaze me.”

Robert Matschulat

Facilities Planning Specialist, Jefferson County Schools Colorado

“I know you will continue to make an enormous contribution to contemporary education and leading change globally in this most important of areas. An exciting and challenging time.”

Timothy Gourlay

Department of Education Tasmania, Australia

“On behalf of the ASB community, I want to thank you for your commitment to our project. I look forward to work with you to see this project through.”

Joe Atherton

Principal, ASB, Mumbai

“Thank you Prakash…your conversation with the Premier was quite inspirational…the students watching from their classrooms were ‘blown away’ and can’t wait to meet you.”

Sheree Vertigan

Principal, Reece Community School Devenport, Tasmania, Australia

“Randy, you are amazing! This drawing looks great. I was so excited to see this I nearly jumped out of my chair. You put a face on my visions and that shifts this whole thing to a new gear. “

Chris Hazleton

Director, Harbor City International School Duluth, MN

“Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful commentary and for continuing to demonstrate leadership by helping to mobilize people to tackle tough questions.”

Ross Danis

Director, Education Program Geraldine R.Dodge Foundation, New Jersey

“Your perspective and expertise were a fantastic contribution to the panel, and really engaged our network in thinking in new ways about implementing small learning communities. I heard participants talking about your ideas well after the panel’s conclusion, and so hope you know you really made an impact on the teachers, administrators, and business partners that were in attendance. Thank you so much for participating.”

Eleanor Helm

National Academy Foundation, New York

“The architect [Fielding], a national innovator in school design, softened the mass by breaking up the new addition into zigzag bays…With its generous windows and rhythmic angularity, the addition is jazzy in a gentle, street-friendly way. And, in contrast to all those retro buildings with faux-historical references, this one reflects its own time and place…
Now, let the users weigh in. ‘It’s a child’s dream,’ says . Perel Wachsman, a teacher. ‘A teacher’s, too,’ says one of her colleagues, Gila Saltzman. ‘The kids like the playground so much we can’t get rid of them at the end of the day!’ Rabbi Naftali Kalter, Yeshiva’s principal, says the sunny setting ‘puts everyone in a good mood. They’re more happy, yet more serious about learning.’
In the play area below, little boys in yarmulkes tumble down a curvy, bright blue slide, shrieking with delight.
A lot of architects would kill for raves like that.”

Whitney Gould

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

It has been a pleasure working with you & EDA. I am sure EDA has a great future ahead with capable people like you in its fold.

Col. Raju Peter

Principal, Modern Indian School, Kathmandu